Wells Elementary PTA – Board Meeting Minutes 

October 15, 2021 


The board meeting of the Wells Elementary PTA was called to order on October 15, 2021 at 8:05am via  zoom by president, Annamarie Saavedra, with secretary, Joanne Carrasco, being present. A quorum was  established

The minutes of the previous board meetings from August 10, 2021 and September 10, 2021 were  presented approved. 

The treasurer’s report showed:  

Statement of financial position was presented. Annamarie Saavedra and Danielle Stevens are  working together to get Danielle Stevens added to the account. The statement shows steady  income. Sources of income mentioned were from the World Wear Bin, grocery incentives, and  direct deposits from Amazon for those that have chosen Wells as their donation of choice from  Amazon Smile and spirit nights.  

No treasurer report was presented, only the statement of financial position was presented.  There were no correspondences to share with the membership.  

President’s Report was presented by Annamarie Saavedra. There have been new PTA guidelines  received. Based on these new guidelines some highlights are as follows: In person larger gatherings are  now allowed, we can continue with winter party planning, we can go ahead and plan for the book fair,  staff luncheons are now allowed. With these restrictions loosening up field trips are now permitted.  The school has requested the PTA underwrite the cost to replace a laminating machine for the school.  The cost is approximately: $2,500.00. This is not in the budget but an amendment to the budget can be  made at the next general meeting. Once the amendment is made a check can be issued to the school  directly or the PTA can purchase it for the school. No members expressed any concern therefore it will be  presented at the next general meeting. With regards to the request for new bike racks on campus,  Annamarie Saavedra has contacted a few vendors to get cost estimates and she will let the board know  the cost. 2 new bike racks are what has been requested. The hope is to get them installed as early as  next month so students can take advantage of it with the weather cooling down. Now that staff meetings are taking place once every six weeks, one grade level per meeting will be assigned to donate  snacks for the staff meetings as well as help set up the snacks. Zooni Butt is going to coordinate this, via  a sign up genius. As a reminder the next general meeting will take place on October 21st, 2021 from  4-5pm. Now that restrictions have loosened PTA meeting formats will still remain the same for the first  semester. There are a few open position that need to be filled: Bank statement opener, staff faculty  representative, parent education chair, multicultural night chair, spring fling/carnival chair, Special and  Gifted Education (SAGE) chair, after school programs chair.  


Programs Report was presented by Annamarie Saavedra. The after school robotics and coding club is  scheduled to begin in November. A flyer to promote it will be going out in the orange PTA folders. There  will need to be a PTA volunteer during the class time. Annamarie Saavedra will be on site for most of the  classes but there may be instances where someone else will need to fill in. A sign up genius will be  created to help coordinate the onsite PTA volunteer. Annamarie Saavedra will be sending Sara Meyer  information to review regarding the obstacle ninja course for field day. Reflections is in full swing, the theme this year is “I will change the world by”. There are various entry categories. Mrs. Evans is helping  promote the art section for it. There will be a need for a group of judges. Natalie Drake will coordinate  the judges and reach out if she needs to fill spots. Red ribbon week is coming up: October 29th will be  book character dress up day. No update on tiger dads campout.  


Communications Report was presented by Annamarie Saavedra. Elizabeth Conrad is the  communications chair and is taking over the news letter. Her contact information is:  elizabethconrad@me.com. She would like to have newsletter content by Saturday so she can put it  together. If you have any social media post reach out to Annamarie Saavedra via email:  wellspta_president@yahoo.com . Paige Reagan is responsible for the PTA website content. If you  need to add anything or make changes to the website you can contact her via email at:  wellsptacommunication@gmail.com


Volunteers Report was presented by Annamarie Saavedra. Picture day is scheduled for October 19  7:40am-11:30am volunteers are needed. The school nurse needs one volunteer to help bring kids back  and forth from class rooms 11:30am -2:30pm for vision and hearing screenings. Orange folder stuffing  has been going smooth. Hospitality has been planned for the entire year. Spooky spuds lunch for the  staff is coming up. The staff is enjoying the gifts and treats. The GLC’s have been great with sharing  news and events on the respective grade level Facebook pages.  


Ways and means Report was presented by Gayle Stanley. Important dates coming up are as follows: 

• October 28 Chick Fil A Spirit night 4-8pm 

November 11-19th Book fair 

November 10-18th Sole(Sweats or Leave Early) passes sale 


Write a check campaign raised $2,000.00 to date. The goal was $5,500. This will be publicized more  now that the PTA news letter is going out. The book fair chair for this year is Carla Hackaday and her  contact info is: carolinahmc@gmail.com. There will be more information to come regarding the  book fair. A flyer with the QR code to promote the Sole passes will be printed to stuff in the orange PTA folders. If anyone is interested in helping to organize the spring fling event please contact Gayle Stanley.  Spirit wear store should be working. World wear bin has contacted the PTA to ask if a 2nd bin is needed  to help eliminate the overflow. Gayle Stanley will confirm that 2 bins fit in the current location.  Everyone can be an ambassador to help gather auction items for the spring fling/ auction event.  

Wells Administrative Staff Report was presented by Principal Sara Meyer. Virtual Academy enrollment  numbers have solidified and finalized. If students selected virtual academy for the remainder of the year  they are removed from the Wells roster. They will automatically be re-enrolled for next year unless  virtual academy is offered again. Right now enrollment is at approximately 500 students. The staff is  very appreciative for the morale pick me ups they are nice gifts. Picture day is coming up and volunteers  are greatly appreciated. Schedule adjustments will be communicated to the respective grades to  accommodate for picture day. Red ribbon week is coming up and a flyer will be sent out with the dates  and activities for each date. 3 field trips are scheduled are coming up: Fourth grade will be going to the  outdoor learning center in early November. There will be a google form sent to parents and they can opt  out of the filed trip if they would like. First grade will be going Sci tech center in Frisco Commons on November 19th. Second grade will be going to the Dallas zoo on November 19th. Many students have  not had a traditional school year. The staff at Wells is working to bring back normalcy. Sara Meyer is  proud of the staff as well as the students with how everyone has adjusted to the school year so far.  Parent teach conferences have been going great.  


Questions, comments, new business: With volunteers being allowed now, are parent lunches  allowed? Based on the newly updated PTA guidelines parents are still not allowed to eat lunch with their  child in the cafeteria. The staff is actively trying to come up with a creative solution for parent and  student lunches. A question was asked regarding spirit wear sales. Sprit wear sales cannot take place  inside school but it can take place outside.  



Important Dates: 


Board Meeting Dates: 

Friday, November 12th at 8:00 am 

Friday, December 3rd at 8:00 am 

Friday, January 14th at 8:00am 

Friday, February 11th at 8:00am 

Friday, March 18th at 8:00am 

Friday, April 8th at 8:00am 

Friday, May 6th at 8:00am 


General Meeting Dates: 

Thursday, October 21st at 4:00pm 

Thursday, December 9th at 8:00am 


Meeting adjourned at 8:59am.  



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